Special Reports

Hunan Kunqu Opera

Year of Improving Industrial Projects

Characteristic Towns of Chenzhou City

Expectation - Chenzhou 2018

2018 Chenzhou Energy Conservation and New Energy Industry Expo

Enjoy Your Time in Chenzhou City

6th China (Hunan) International Mineral & Gem Show

2017 Hunan (Chenzhou) 3rd Agricultural Products Expo

Dabujiang Quilting Embroidery

My Favorite Chenzhou

Opening Development

Chenzhou Popular Tourism- Splendid Hunan, Different Chenzhou

Leading by Industry, Improving Overall Development

Enjoy Summer in Chenzhou

5th China (Hunan) International Mineral and Gem Show

2017 Hunan Spring Rural Tourism Festival & Chenzhou Beautiful Rural Tourism and Cultural Festival

Five Chenzhou

2016 Hunan Chenzhou International Leisure Tourism Festival & 1st Beautiful Rural Tourism Festival

Ten Cultural Symbols of Chenzhou City

4th China (Hunan) Mineral & Gem Show

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